The much-anticipated Halloween is coming! Not sure what everyone's prepared for this, there may be plenty of opportunities to show off your weird outfits at parties and events, but there's still good reason to focus your energy on using a pair of white contact lenses for yourself. Create a new look for Halloween. 

Halloween Makeup

White Contact Lenses That Make You Shine on Halloween

Halloween only happens once a year, and the pandemic has left us with little time to enjoy the holiday, so there's no reason not to create unique costumes for Halloween at home. Whether it's hosting a trick-or-treating party on October 31stor transforming your home into a creepy new look, a pair of Halloween contact lenses is a must-have to provide the finishing touch to your look.


Every Halloween, we're looking for the craziest and scariest contact lenses so that Halloween costumes can really feel scary and spooky. Whether or not colored contact lenses are actually visually scary or not depends entirely on whether your outfit matches that style.


White contact lenses to suit your style

Are you ready for your costume idea and need some inspiration to make a crazy pair of lenses? Not a problem! In addition to a collection of white contact lenses with a variety of different quirky styles, you can also search through the Color Contact Lens Library or social channels to view great affiliates with white contact lenses. If you need a pair of all-around contact lenses that add a spooky twist to any outfit, I have to recommend a few of my favorites.


If you really want to see how white Halloween contact lenses can change your October outfit, look no further than WALKING DEAD CONTACT LENSES. Create a creepy zombie look with this very popular white zombie contact lens. Talented makeup skills can make this great makeup look a work of art, and her use of our white contact lenses really helped bring the look to life.


Depending on the unique Halloween costume you want to try on, these costume lenses will be perfect. The most common use for Funky Lenses' line of white contact lenses is usually for scary zombie costumes, but that doesn't mean they won't pair well with your skull, witch, or demon fancy dress outfits.


Want to see this contact lens in more detail? Click here to see this stunning white contact lens.


White Contact Lenses That Brighten Your Eyes for Halloween

White contact lenses for Halloween are very iconic. These lenses bring simple zombie makeup or scary costumes to life. Of all the white lenses available, one of the most popular styles year after year is the White Zombie Everyday Contact Lens. Featuring an opaque white design with a clear pupil center, this style offers the wearer a complete undead style that masks their original eye color while leaving only the pupil.

 white contact lens

In colleges, the most trendy and scary styles are provided for you, but there is also plenty of room to experiment. In the White Horror Contact Lens Collection, you can choose from a variety of styles that can be used for a variety of events, including cosplay and parties.


If you're looking for a pair of lenses that really make you stand out, be sure to try a pair like the White UV Contact Lens Collection. We offer a variety of popular styles for these collections, including block zombie lens designs and white mesh lenses. While UV contact lenses may look like just a regular pair of contact lenses, you can pair these styles with UV black light to give them a radiant glow. Check out some of the styles below!


There's no denying that the White Halloween Contact Lens Collection is impressive. Be sure to check out our full collection so you don't miss out on these cool styles.


Prescription White Halloween Contact Lenses

One of the unfortunate things about Halloween contact lenses is that at some stores, they're only available in plain/over-the-counter variants. However, at Coloured Contacts, there is a range of prescription white contact lenses to choose from to meet your exact prescription requirements. You can view the prescription clothing contact lens line here.


Whitening contact lenses. Whether you think they look creepy or mysterious, there's no doubt that whitening contact lenses are a complete show-stopper. White contact lenses are the ultimate party item, and it doesn't matter whether your natural eye color is dark or light; pair it with white lenses, and you'll have the spookiest eyes in the room!


If you've got ideas for wearing white contact lenses, but need some clothing or fancy dress inspiration, then obviously, we're here to help! Here are some amazing, scary makeup ideas that are perfect for Halloween!


Remember, you'll want to review our tips for safely wearing colored contact lenses.

How to choose colored contact lenses

Here are some important factors to consider when buying colored contact lenses:

1. Putting in and taking out should be comfortable and not painful.
2. Visit an ophthalmologist for product recommendations, best lens fit, colors, designs, and purchasing options.
3.  Consider your skin tone and hair color before choosing the best lens color. right
For fair skin/black hair = blue and grey contact lenses
Tan skin = turquoise, green, light green lenses
For dark skin/brown hair = brown, honey, hazel lenses.
4.  Remember the makeup - it should complement your lens color.
5. Choose colored lenses that match your vibe and personality.


Questions about wearing colored contact lenses

1. Can colored contact lenses get stuck behind the eyes?
No! There's no way the colored contacts get stuck behind your eyes or disappear into your mind! That's because thin films called electrical conductors that connect the eyelids keep contact lenses from getting lost.
2. Can I still see through opaque white contact lenses?
Yes! Even fully whitened contact lenses have great visibility and you can see them 100%.
3. Are contact lenses uncomfortable?
If you don't wear contact lenses often, they can look and feel weird the first time you try them. But some practice and training your eyes to wear contact lenses (for example, wearing them for shorter periods of time and gradually increasing them) can help reduce any discomfort.
4. Do colored contact lenses pop up?
In the past, contact lenses used to be hard drives that sometimes popped due to their rigidity. No longer! Contact lenses are made of soft, flexible hydrophilic ("hydrophilic") plastics called hydrogels. None of the FDA-approved lenses are hard and won't be harsh when you least expect it!
5. Are special FX contact lenses like white contact lenses expensive?
Not at all. FDA-approved FX contact lenses are very affordable, and you know it's safe to buy contact lenses from a reputable source.


Will Colored Contacts Change the Way I See?

Yes, but only if your tinted contact lenses also contain a prescription to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Whether you have prescription lenses or cosmetically tinted lenses, the center of the lens remains tinted so as not to affect your vision. Only the part that covers the iris, or the colored part of the eye, contains color; that's what changes the color of your visible eye.


Will colored touches look natural?

Yes, most colored contact lenses use lines, dots, and other shapes to mimic your iris pattern.


The Ultimate Guide to Eye Makeup for Contact Lens Wearers:

1. Wash your hands before and after inserting contact lenses.
2.  Maintain proper lens care.
3.  Choose oil-free and smudge-free makeup.
4. Don't use clumpy mascara; choose a long and volumizing mascara that is free of fibrous particles.
5. Remove lenses before removing makeup.
6 . Avoid using cosmetics on the upper and lower water lines that touch the surface of the eyeball.


Tinted contact lenses allow you to temporarily change the color of your eyes, whether or not you need to correct vision impairment. This way, you can create more subtle eye looks, wear crazy designs for special occasions, or just enjoy a new eye color.


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