As it gets darker and the temperatures drop, there is at least one more thing to look forward to Halloween!



If, like me, you love dressing up for the big party night of the year, you've come to the right place for the best Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.



Whether you want to be scary, funny or satirical, here are our picks for the best Halloween outfits of 2022.


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Whether Halloween means begging for candy in a costume for you or dressing up like a slut because there's no other girl to say anything else, Halloween 2022 is almost here, and the matchmaking plan has begun.



We predict that 2022 will see a lot of dark-brown beauty pairings, and we believe everyone who does so will look amazing. But if you're thinking of doing something more original, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some of the best contact lenses and beauty looks at the party, enough to make you love these looks.



Whether you're looking for the best-coloured contact lenses for dark brown eyes or for a subtle colour boost to really make your eyes pop, we're here to help you choose a pair of Hazel Brown Contact Lenses that will suit your exact demand.



In this palette, we ensured that it has an incredible visual effect that opens up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to creating gorgeous new styles. But if you're here for a brand new pair of black-brown contact lenses, we can't recommend the more subtle and elegant natural shades. Not only are there tons of colours and subtle shades that allow you to choose the pair that suits you best, but we also stock a ton of styles that allow you to choose an iris style that will work with your current eyes to elevate them as high as possible. Degree.



Of all the eye colours you can think of, what's the rarest? While most people have some form of blue or brown, green eyes are uncommon. Even rarer are dark browns, where a mix of greens and browns creates a completely ethereal look. Not many people are born with this shade; if it's a shade you've always loved, why not enjoy it by using coloured contact lenses?



When it comes to dark brown eyes, it can be daunting where to start, so let's take a look at the best dark brown contact lenses.



Glamorous Eyes with the Best Hazel Contact Lenses

Anesthesia Addict Marron

Marron by Anesthesia Addict is one of the more unique black-brown shades on the coloured contact lens market, mixing brown with almost reddish shades to create a deep, rich colour. If you want something sexier and more sophisticated, try these shots, as they really take your style game up a few notches!



Anesthesia LA Cinnamon

It sounds like a coffee drink, but this option from Anesthesia USA brings you an otherworldly light and bright shade. LA Cinnamon are mostly solid lenses with a darker limbal ring for contrast, ideal for people with naturally bright eyes. Try these when you're ready for a complete makeover in one easy step!



Bella Glow Radiant Hazelnut -

The idyllic combination of light and shade will make you choose to wear them every day, as Bella Glow's Radiant Hazelnut delivers the colour contact lenses you want. Depending on your natural colour, you'll get a soft glowing style or a darker sultry look - it's ultimately up to you! If you like dark brown eyes, you must try this option.



Solotica Natural Colors Ocre

As simple as coloured contact lenses, Solotica's Natural Colors Ocre gives you the colour you've been craving. This look isn't as multi-dimensional as other options on the market but instead gives you a consistent rich colour across the entire shot. A print with a dark brown colour helps make it look natural and sophisticated.



Gellense Jupiter Brown

Are you tired of looking for mediocre hazel contact lenses that, in addition to their brilliant colours and impeccable quality, will give you an advanced experience in lens comfort and safety for any look or style you want?


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ColorVision Hazel

Unlike our previous picks, this one from ColorVision offers an absolutely stunning shade of light brown. Hazel is the embodiment of this colour on a tee, with a graphic look that blends a variety of shades for a lively style. These coloured contact lenses are best for those with dark eyes who want to brighten things up but look great on anyone.



Solotica Hidrocor Avela

Avela is a Portuguese word that translates to English hazelnut. Add a little accent with this coloured contact lens, lighting up the dark brown eye shade to a perfect seamless hazel. The subtle print without the limbal ring mimics the iris for a more natural finish; no wonder it's one of the best sellers in the Solotica Hidrocor collection.



Gellense Lemongrass Brown

Groom your features and give the eyes an irresistibly glamorous look. Whether you decide to wear them for special occasions or every day, one thing is for sure: you'll only draw all the attention to yourself. Brown contact lenses on black eyes have an incredible effect.



These black and brown style contact lenses above are a super cool way to create a simple but effective Halloween look. Use a contact lens for even creepier effects, like these funky visual avatar lenses. Of course, Halloween doesn't mean you have to be something scary or a character. You can still choose your favourite magical fairy look, which will give you a super bright and unique aura.



If you're a coloured contact lens wearer, dark brown eyes can be one of the more interesting looks, and if you're considering trying this style option for the first time, any of the above colours are good for first-time purchases choose. Remember, if you're shopping for coloured contact lenses, check out this article of mine first for an incredible selection and experience. My goal is to make sure your beauty goals are easily achieved, so check out all of my recommended black and brown contact lenses today!



Beauty is our most valuable asset

Whether internal or external. There is no doubt that appearance is important because it shows high self-esteem and confidence. Today, being beautiful has never been easier. You can pair it with pastel makeup and some pretty accessories to give you a radiant glow. On the other hand, for a more dramatic but pleasing look.



Dark brown eyes have a deep glow, but wouldn't you want to give them a lighter shade to emphasize their beauty even more? Pair it with a nice pair of light brown contact lenses for dark brown eyes, and you'll give yourself a fresh, subtle, stunning look. Brown contact lenses on black eyes have an incredible effect, modifying your features and giving the eyes an irresistibly glamorous look. Whether you decide to wear them for special occasions or every day, one thing is for sure: you'll only draw all the attention to yourself.



Galaxy contact lenses are also a good choice.

With all these talented creators creating awesome sci-fi looks, I think starry contact lenses are the ones you have to try if you want to try other colours, stocked with so many weird and wonderful Designs, I think they are the perfect way to get that sci-fi look!


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If, like me, you're always one step ahead of the latest fads, I'm sure you're well aware of the need to incorporate grey contact lenses into your look. The popularity of this style comes from its ability to easily mask your natural eye colour while giving you a totally glamorous new look. Although you may consider this style more "unnatural" than any other, lighter shades can completely change your look and make you the center of attention of friends and onlookers. But if you're looking to take this style to the next level, you'll want to take a look at Galaxy Grey coloured contact lenses.



The eye contact in these grey galaxies isn't just gorgeous shades of grey. A cosmic galaxy design across the iris is also shown. In addition to that, these attractive space contact lenses feature a beautiful star design and contrasting blue sections, giving you the best of both worlds in a new cosmic style.



So, whether you want to cosplay or just show your inner space character, the Galaxy collection is your go-to style, so what are you waiting for?



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