The annual Halloween is coming. Before you know it, you have been through many crazy festivals, and I believe you are very familiar with them. So the question is, do you know what the alias for Halloween is?



Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day, is a traditional festival, and the most lively time is Halloween. Children will dress up in strange costumes, dress up as cute monsters, and go from house to house, asking for candy. Here is the familiar saying, "Trick or treat!"



In fact, when it comes to Halloween, there is a legend that humans wear strange costumes to disguise themselves in order to make ghosts and ghosts more harmoniously dressed as children to mix into the crowd.



When it comes to dressing up, it's not just about clothing, you should pay more attention to the modification of your eyes, and the Naruto series must be a good choice for you.


TOP 15 halloween costumes with contact lenses


halloween costumes with contact lenses

There is an anime that changes the eyes again. It is Naruto, which tells the love and hatred between each character in the ninja world. Among them, the most popular is Sasuke Uchiha. He looks calm and calm and has a tragic life experience. The pupil technique of the Uchiha family is used through the use of shackles. Today I will introduce some contact lenses with shackles, which will definitely make you feast for your eyes.



Sasuke contact lenses

Eternal Sharingan Sasuke Colored Contact Lenses

This contact lens is very classic. It is the Shaker Eye of the protagonist Tuan Sasuke. The kaleidoscope Shaker Eye obtained by killing his brother, and the skills obtained, Amaterasu, is very powerful when he comes out. However, due to the frequent use of kaleidoscope writing-wheel eyes, the vision rapidly declined, and after transplanting the eyes of the ferret, a powerful, eternal kaleidoscope writing-wheel eye was obtained. This contact lens perfectly restores the style in the anime, and through realistic clothing matching, you can get a great visual effect!


Eternal Sharingan Sasuke Colored Contact Lenses


Naruto Mangekyo Colored Contact Lenses

Next, this writing wheel eye is quite special. In the original book, there are two people who have this eye; one is Obito, who was left on the spot, he is a member of the Uchiha family, and he is the owner of the Shenwei blood wheel eye, but because of A mission killed, another intact eye was given to Kakashi as a gift, and Kakashi was another person with this eye. People who like COS Kacase can wear it and become the ninja in your mind.



Naruto Red Sharingan Magatama Colored Contact Lenses

This is a regular scribble eye contact lens, which can be matched with the costumes of various Uchiha characters. If you wear writing wheels of different colors, the effect will be great.




This is Sasuke's older brother, Itachi's writing wheel eye style. If his color is not carefully observed, he may think that it is the same as Kakashi's Kamui. But only subtle differences can show delicacy, right? It's very powerful, and the person wearing it has to suppress that powerful force.




This is really incredible; its owner is the initiator of the ninja war and once almost destroyed all the ninjas in the ninja world. He is Madara Uchiha. This is a design that has been integrated with his younger brother's Sharinyan. I believe that the loyal fans of Naruto have already felt its oppression. Madara is also a good costume character.




Naruto Green Sharingan Magatama Colored Contact Lenses

This green brush-eye color contact lens is also good. It abandons the original red of the brush-eye and uses a more novel green as the background color. The overall effect looks fresher and can be matched with other character costumes. Try new changes.



Blind White Colored Contact Lenses

Next, I will introduce another kind of blood-follower boundary in Naruto. You can clearly see the white eyes of the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body. When I was watching the anime, it was quite embarrassing to hear the term white eyes, and I felt that the name was very Casual; there is no feeling of opening the ultimate move, and slowly I also accepted this name. The overall effect of wearing the color is still good.



White Manson Mesh Colored Contact Lenses

This color is closer to the white eye, but the black border around the pupil and the mesh structure on the pupil gives people a sense of design. Compared with the white eye above, this one does not have that monotonous feeling and can better reflect the peculiarity of the eyes.



Cat Eye Red Colored Contact Lenses

This is the pupil style of Naruto's protagonist Uzumaki Naruto. As we all know, Naruto's body has a nine-tailed demon fox, a tailed beast with powerful energy. When Naruto's body is surrounded by nine-tailed chakras, the pupils of his eyes will look like this.



Naruto Sage Mode Contacts

This is a model of Naruto. After his teacher Jiraiya was killed, Naruto inherited Jiraiya's will and protected Konoha Village, and he was taken to Miami Mountain to learn a powerful natural energy - immortality. Through magic, they defeated many members of Payne. Maybe you can also feel the power of nature with this one.



Orochimaru Contact Lenses

One of the legendary three ninjas, a scientist in the ninja world, when others were newly studying ninjutsu, only Orochimaru believed that science could change the ninja world. Knowing that Bo Renzhuan turned, let everyone witness how avant-garde Orochimaru's thinking was. Glasses, the overall color is yellow; the middle part is black. Gives a wicked visual experience.



Not just the Naruto series. The Guardians of the Galaxy series is also pretty good.



Halloween Contact Lenses

ICK Garnet Green

Gamora is one of the protagonists of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She was adopted by Thanos as a child, trained as a warrior, and sacrificed in Avengers 3 in exchange for a soul gem. The dark green color is enough to reflect the uniqueness.



ColourVue Crazy Space Blue

Drax the Destroyer, who mainly plays the role of funny in the movie, with his clips, there will always be a point of laughter. However, in the comics, there is no doubt about his strength; it can only be said that the movie has weakened too much. It is also a good choice to match this color contact with the corresponding clothing.



eo Magic Color Brown JBN-103

Although Rocket Raccoon has a cute appearance, he is not cute at all, and if you want to dress up like him, a coordinated contact lens is essential.



i.Fairy Pearl Black

Groot, a character who has moved people many times, sacrificed his life to protect his friends. In Avengers 3, in order to let Thor get the magic weapon, he sacrificed his arm to cast an axe handle. Dressing up as Groot will make you pop.



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