I believe that many people will have a feeling that they are attracted to a certain person. The main reason is that she looks at you and has a unique feeling, so the decoration of the glasses is very important.



Which do you think is the rarest of all glasses colors? The more native pupil colors are blue, brown, black, and green glasses, but they are not common. Even rarer is hazel, a color that neutralizes green and brown to create an air-inspired color. No one is born with this color, and even if there is, it is very rare.


best hazel contacts


Why are people so obsessed with hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are often considered green eyes or brown eyes, and they tend to be less rare than green eyes but less common than blue eyes. Only about five percent of the world's population has this genetic mutation. Brown eyes contain the most melanin, green eyes contain less melanin, and the combination of these two eye colors makes this eye color unique.



If it's your preferred color, it's entirely possible to achieve it with light brown contact lenses.



Glamorous Eyes with the Best Hazel Contacts

The defining characteristic of hazel eyes is their color mixing. All hazel eyes will have some combination of brown/gold and green, sometimes with blue flecks. This is why hazel eyes look different from brown, green, or blue eyes, which are solid colors. Hazel eyes are usually lighter/greener in one part of the iris (center or edge of the iris) and darker/brown in another.



There are two main types of hazel eyes: brown-dominated irises and green-dominated ones. While all hazel eyes will have a combination of green and brown, the difference in dominant color is why hazel eyes can appear predominantly green or predominantly brown. This color change can cause some confusion, but as long as there is a mixture of green and brown in the iris, the eye is hazel.



Let's Check Out the Best Hazel Contact Lenses

Affaires Power Color Contact lenses

Affaire contact lenses come in a soft hazel. They can be processed quarterly. You can get any eye prescription in these lenses, even zero power.



O-LENS Symphony Hazel - Colored Contact Lenses

O-Lens contact lenses come in 2 pieces. They look natural and comfortable. The O-Lens' colorant is sandwiched, so the pigment doesn't come into direct contact with the cornea. They also effectively block UV rays.



Freshlook One-Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless

Freshlook contact lenses come in a 10-lens package. They feature 3-in-1 technology for a natural look. They can be thrown away every day.



Affaires Quarterly Color Contact Lens

Affaire contact lenses can be processed on a quarterly basis. They have zero power. They have an attractive hazel.


best hazel contacts


ALCON Freshlook One-Day Color Powerless

Alcon contact lenses are powerless and come in a set of 10. They can be thrown away every day. They also have a natural look. They provide 12 hours of comfort.



How to make your contact lenses lively and elegant

It's almost impossible to go wrong with a classic black smoky eye. The innate intensity of this look brings out any light eye color. This look makes your hazel eyes appear vivid and stand out gracefully by providing a sharp contrast.



For a classic black smokey look to your hazel contact lenses, always prime your lids first. Then, apply a neutral brown to cover the skin below the brow bone for a smooth transition. Begin to apply black eyeshadow on the lids in batches. Build up the eyeshadow gradually to achieve the desired intensity. Use a fluffy brush to blend eyeshadow. Make sure to apply enough eyeshadow on your lower lash line as well. Line the lashes with black eyeliner and apply mascara.



Grey contact lenses are also a good choice

Fluffy 3-Tone Grey Lenses
Want to make your eyes sparkle? Try the Puffy 3 Tones Grey Makeup Lenses, which will magnify your eyes but don't make them look unnatural. Your data will be captivated by your eyes every time she looks at you. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then you have great taste in stained glass!



GEO tri-color gray lens CM-901

Looking for a different shade of grey? This grey touch blends well with your natural eye color, creating a perfect blend of grey and your natural eye color. Since it's a less intense gray, people meeting you for the first time might even think it's your natural eye color.




Want to show your cool side? The Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Sesame Grey gyaru lens is just for you. It'll make your eyes shine, grab anyone's attention, and make your date fall in love with your refreshing charm.



LINCOLN BB Grey Lenses

Choose a gray that includes blue and seduce your date with your strong blue-gray eyes. With such expressive colors, your date may find herself staring into your eyes more than ever. Keep them here!



COLORFUL 3-Tone Grey Lenses

These gorgeous three-tone grey lenses feature a black circle around the edge and stripes of grey, blue and light gold around the pupil. On dark irises, the three-tone grey lenses look natural in all lights and won't cover your face.


Grey Lenses


Things to know before wearing contact lenses

Check your eyes beforehand

This is even more important if you have no prior experience with contact lenses, whether clear or colored, prescription or over-the-counter.



Be sure to visit your local optometrist or ophthalmologist for a professional eye exam. A proper eye exam will determine if your eye shape is suitable for contact lenses and if your eye health is suitable for contact lenses.



For example, if you're prone to eye infections, severe allergies, or dry eyes, your risk of infection may be higher with colored contact lenses. Having an eye exam also allows an eye care specialist to teach you proper contact lens care steps and proper removal procedures. Improper contact lens care can increase the risk of eye infections.



Never clean contact lenses with water only

Tap water, mineral water, distilled water, and even homemade saline solutions are a no-no when cleaning and disinfecting colored contact lenses. This is because these fluids may contain microorganisms or bacteria that can cause eye infections. Always use the appropriate contact lens solutions as they come in sterile sterile containers.



Do not wear contact lenses overnight or to sleep.

It should be a no-brainer, but the number of people who accidentally sleep with colored contact lenses is staggering. Sleeping with contact lenses not only increases the risk of infection, but it also reduces the amount of oxygen in the eye, which can put pressure on the cornea.



If you find yourself falling asleep with your contact lenses on, don't try to remove them right after you wake up. Wet your eyes with some eye drop to keep the cornea from tearing along with the colored contact lenses because they're too dry.



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