Colorful contact lenses are particularly popular among young people. Most of them like to obtain the natural color of the eyes to obtain an elegant, bold or sexy appearance, which is an excellent way to immediately change the appearance. Everyone wants to change their appearance. Praised by peers is what everyone wants.


blue contacts for dark eyes


When changing the appearance, you can consider many alternatives. You can change your dress style and make everyone amazed. Hairstyle design is also a good choice. Many other changes can change your appearance. You can also get color contact lenses to enhance the beauty of the eyes. It complements makeup, beautiful dresses, and fashionable shoes, making you a fashionable woman! Intersection



Party is an important part of modern women. Social is a new trend! If you want society to respect you, you must submit your existence on various occasions. For this reason, you need to look completely amazing. The more social, the more invitations will be invited. You need a lot of clothes with shoes that are suitable for your accessories, and colored contact lenses are an example of this accessory.



You can wear lenses that make the overall style crazy in various activities such as Valentine's Day, New Year Carnival, or Halloween Night, and even wear them at any party's party. These lenses have a variety of colors and a variety of styles to choose from. You can wear dark lenses such as blue and green contact lenses according to your needs and requirements.


blue contacts for dark eyes


There are various types of contact lenses on the market that can change your eyes. for example:



Enhancement tint contacts: This contact lens aims to enhance but not completely change the color of your eyes. Wear these lenses just to highlight the natural color of your eyes. These non-colored lenses are suitable for people with lighter eyes, and they do not apply to those with darker eyes.



Color lens: These types of lenses completely change your eyes' color, whether your eyes are light or dark.



Drama lenses: These lenses are made for special uses, which can bring you special effects. They are worn on Halloween and other similar occasions.



Treatment of color: These contact lenses will not change or enhance your eyes' color. They are colorful so that they can be seen so that you can handle them well.



Choose the right pair for yourself.

The color of the contact lens you decide depends on the frequency you wear. If you want to wear them every day, you will like natural colors. If you just want to wear contact lenses on special occasions, you may need bold colors like blue contact lenses to obtain a dramatic appearance. Try to inquire about your eye health experts and read the product description carefully to get color lenses that suit your eyes. The color of the contact lenses you wear depends largely on whether your eyes are dark or light.



Nonferrous contact lenses for dark circles: opaque colored contact lenses are most suitable for dark circles. If your eyes are black, choose light brown or honey brown lenses to obtain a natural appearance. To get a more dramatic appearance, you can choose more bright colors, such as blue, purple, or green. When selecting the color of the lens, consider your skin tone. Dark skin tones and bright colored lenses on dark eyes will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.



The man fell in love with his eyes.

Do you love someone? Well, the best way to attract him around you is through color contact lenses. These days, the trend of wearing lenses with clothing is very high. Putting on a color lens will increase the luster on your face.


blue contacts for dark eyes

The first love letter was written with eyes.

As I mentioned earlier, it can say a lot of things. If you have no ability to express your love to the one you love, you can use your eyes to convey love. Your beautiful eyes will say the beautiful words that your lips can't say, "I love you". Are you ready to express your love?



Blue eyes are one of the rare and more popular eyes worldwide. Although blue is a very common eye color at birth, most people's eyes will become another color, and only about 10% of people will maintain blue eyes after adulthood. If you are one of the few lucky children with blue eyes, then you may not be willing to try color contact lenses. If you have always dreamed of blue eyes, you can look at the most natural colored contact series below.



The most natural blue contact lenses

Blue contact lenses are more friendly for most people. They are like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can provide a dazzling and cute color for your eyes. On the other hand, it can also bring a thorough disaster to your appearance.



People with dark eyes are more troublesome than people with light-colored eyes. They can only use opaque shadow contact lenses because the enhanced agent will hardly change your eyes. However, too much worry is not necessary. Now you can find a variety of opaque color contacts to meet your requirements. For example, blue contacts for dark eyes.



Durasoft 2 ColorBlends is suitable for light and even dark eyes. On blue eyes, they will produce very deep colors, and on black eyes, they will have a slightly lighter effect, but they look spectacular. Durasoft 2 OPAQUE Colors is a good choice to get a light blue effect with a purple tone.


blue contacts for dark eyes


If you really want blue eyes to get bright blue eyes, then Freshlook ColorBlends in True Sapphire will undoubtedly complete this work.



Before you buy those vibrant blue contact lenses, make sure they match your hair and skin tone. The most likely is that bright blue will not look too flattering for blonde or red hair; they are more suitable for people with medium or dark hair. People with blonde or red hair should be replaced with light blue.



ColorBlends provides beautiful light blue, and Freshlook ColorBlends in True Sapphire is just suitable for truly vibrant blue.



SOLOLOCA HIDROCOR SAFIRA. As one of the latest colors of SOLOTICA, their strong pigmentation is not disappointing, and its extremely natural decorations are interesting with the beautiful gem color.



Solotica Hidrocor Topazio. This lens represents bright blue lenses, and this bright color can even cover the darker eyes.



ANESTHESIA addict blue. As a long-selling product of the brand, this lens has blue beauty and exquisiteness.



Bella Glow Vivid Blue. These lenses are not disappointing due to strong pigmentation. The combination of blue and gray creates beautiful and bright eyes



Freshlook Colorblens Brilliant Blue. As a classic of the color contact lens world, Freshlook always provides color and quality!



How to wear blue lenses

Like any colored contact lens, it is important to keep the blue lens clean and hygienic.


blue contacts for dark eyes


First, make sure you have washed your hands! Take out the lens from the packaging and prepare the lens. Put some solutions in the contact lenses box, and then place the contact lens with each plate -the right eye and left eye each (but which contact lens is placed in which one is not important!)



Each contact lenses have multiple service life, so no matter what your lifestyle is, you can find the service life suitable for you.



If you choose a daily throw blue contact lenses, then after you wear them-make, sure you throw them away (don't fall asleep in them!) If you have 90 days or longer lenses, please make sure You have a complete lens kit to maintain their hygiene and safe use.

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