We always say eyes are the windows to the soul, while everyone has many sides to the soul,  the eyes’ colors are changeless. To show a different me, we need to add some sparkles to our eyes, by wearing tinted contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses provide a fun way to change our appearance, and by wearing them, we could even transform into special characters such as the alien, vampires, and monsters for Halloween and cosplay. Meanwhile, there are also tons of colored contact lens styles for us to wear in daily life. Changing the color of our eyes, changing a new mood.


Whatever the end goal is, you will get some tips about how to choose the best-colored contact lenses for making a stunning look.


Types of Colored Contact Lenses


A Human being's iris has a natural, vibrant shape and line. To imitate the texture of the iris, the patterns of colored contact lenses are also constituted with colored dots and lines. This is why tinted contacts can give the true eye a new color, but makes it look natural.

Except for those special-effect contacts, the center of the contact lenses is all clear, with the clear space, we could see normally through the lens.

According to MedicineNet, there are four types of colored contact lenses, and each type offers slightly different benefits:

  1. Visibility tint.

This is the most common contact lens which is nothing to do with cosmetics, it is lightly tinted with green or blue which helps you to find it more easily. Visibility tint contacts do not change the color of the eyes, the wearers mainly wear such lenses to improve eyesight to instead of the framed glasses.


  1. Enhancement tint.

Enhancement tint contact lenses contain a translucent hue that is darker than a visibility tint. To its type name, such contacts are slightly darker than the visibility tint contacts, they can enhance the natural eye colors, and are especially great for people with light-colored eyes.

Usually, people wear them to intensify the original color of their eyes and are not aiming to have a dramatic color-change of the eyes.

  1. Color tint.

Color tint contacts also can be called non-transparent tint contact lenses. Such lenses have darker and opaque tints that can change the color of the wearer's eyes. It comes in a variety of color series, including brown, gray, amethyst, violet, blue, green, hazel, and so on. Even dark eyes can be color-changed dramatically to totally different eye colors.




In addition, there are theatrical tints or special-effect contacts , which also belong to the non-transparent tint contact lenses. Lenses under this category are not mainly for seeing or simply changing current eye colors naturally. Such colored contact lenses are used for cosplay-specific characters, for example, Avatar, Spider-Man, No Face Man, and so on . Also, we can try theatrical tints at Halloween parties, costume parties, special events, etc.



  1. Light-filtering tint.

These colored contacts are specially designed for athletes and sports fans. Such lenses can enhance certain colors and mute other colors to make the certain colors stand out, for example, tennis players can wear this kind of lenses to enhance optic yellow which is the color of the tennis balls.


Choosing the Proper Colored Contact Lenses

Now you know the types of colored contact lenses, next, let us see how to select the proper colored contacts. Before purchasing, we should consider the below questions:

  • Do I want my eyes with colored contacts to look natural?
  • Do I want to enhance my original eyes colors?
  • Do I want to completely change my eye's colors?
  • Do I want to play a character that has a theatrical eye effect?


If you want to have a natural look and light eyes, you can choose an enhancement tint that can make the edges of your iris stand out. Also, you may try contacts that deepen your natural eye colors. For example, if your eyes are gray, you may try violet or blue.

If your eyes are dark, then it is proper to try opaque tinted lenses to alter your eye colors. You may try honey brown or hazel-tinted contacts. 

Of course, you can also try non-transparent colored contact lenses to go for dramatically light eye color to stand out from the crowd. For instance, from blue to green to purple, you can create a stunning new look while transforming your eye color and look.

Care of Colored Contact Lenses

Like with any contact lenses, we need to follow certain steps to keep our colored contacts clean to avoid eye damage.

First of all, never share contacts with anyone else.

Secondly, contact lenses that have exceeded the using period need to be discarded immediately.

Third, purchase the proper eye care solution and container for the contacted lenses. Following the instructions to clean and store the lenses.

Lastly, do not wear contact lenses if your eyes are red or irritated.



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