Colored contact lenses are increasingly helping people get the look they want, but it's not just makeup or a new hairstyle, your eyes can really change the way you look. Whether your eyes are naturally bright or dark, the blue option is unique and works on all skin tones, making it one of the most popular options on gellense.


Beauty is one of nature's greatest gifts to us. It comes in different forms, but one thing is for sure: it is highly appreciated by all. Looking good means taking care of it every day. Eyes are the most beautiful. Facial features, especially dark brown eyes. You are the reflection of the soul. Don't like other colors?


How to choose the most natural colored contacts?

The closer the contact lens color is to your natural eye color, the more natural the contact lens will look. Different brands have different degrees of naturalness. If you want your contact lenses to match your natural eye color, you can buy tinted contact lenses. While some major brands have colored touchpoints that look more natural, they are also the most expensive.


Colored contact lenses come in two different levels of light transmission: enhanced tint and opaque. Enhanced lenses are usually translucent and allow some of your original eye color to show through. This type does not completely change the color, only the shade of the original eye color. With opaque lenses, the original eye color can be completely hidden. In addition, opaque lenses are available in both flat and tinted varieties. Colored contact lenses increase the strength of the eyes and change the color of the eyes. Contact lenses come in a variety of colors and designs - some look more natural than others. If your eyes are light-colored, enhanced tinting may be a good way to transform one of your eyes, while darker eyes require opaque lenses.


Fortunately, today you can choose the color you want for your eyes. Blue is one of the favorite colors of many people, however, only a few people are lucky enough to be born with this color.


Blue touchpoints work on almost all skin tones and hair colors. They bring a subtle angelic look to women with light blonde skin tones. On the other hand, they can be combined with darker skin tones and hair colors for a radiant look, the resulting contrast gives a strong presence, as well as a glamorous, mysterious and above all divine look!


Changing your eye color has never been easier, we've listed some of our client's favorite light blue contacts for brown eyes to help you pick the perfect blue for yourself!


1 Number 1 is Gellense Queen Blue | 1 Yearly. As one of gellense's newest colors, its intense pigmentation doesn't disappoint, and its extremely natural finish contrasts nicely with the gem's beautiful color.


2 Next we have Gellense Peggy Blue | Half Yearly. This lens stands for light blue lenses, a vibrant color that will cover even the darkest of eyes.


3 The third in our lineup is Anesthesia Addict Blue. Like the brand's longtime bestseller, this lens has a blue aesthetic and sophistication.


4 Bella Glow Vivid Blue came in at number 4. As the name suggests, these lenses do not disappoint with intense pigmentation. Combine blue and gray for beautiful, radiant eyes.


5 We have Freshlook Colorblends Brilliant Blue. A classic in the color contact lens world, Freshlook always delivers color and quality!


If bright blue isn't your thing, we have more options, from subtle blues to shades of green or hazelnut. Discover our best-selling collection and start your colored contact lens journey today.


When it comes to expressing yourself, the fashion items and accessories available to you are nearly limitless. With hair and makeup, clothing and jewelry, and more, people can create any look they want. One option that is often explored is to wear colored contact lenses, as they can easily change your style.


This accessory option can sometimes seem limited, though, since contact lenses are primarily used to lighten the eyes. We're here to tell you that it's time to change your mind, because tinted lenses are also great for people with dark eyes! You don't have to have stunning blue eyes to get the benefits of tinted lenses, but which options should you choose? Let's find out!


Best Color Contacts for Brown Eyes

1 Tinted lenses don’t necessarily require a drastic makeover, so simply opting for a lighter, warmer brown may be a good option. Try Solotica Ocher from the Hidrocor Collection, which adds warm hazelnut tones for a radiant, youthful look. style.


2 Even if your eyes are brown, you can choose a cooler eye color, making today's popular gray lenses an ideal style choice. We love all the shades in the Bella Elite collection, all of which are sophisticated enough, even in very dark shades. The eyes also glow. If you want a bold, eye-catching look, you'll probably find your best shades in other existing Bella collections.


3 Don't be fooled by the name, this lens is warmer and brighter than you might think. Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo provides depth and brightness to brown eyes. No matter how bright or dark your natural color is, it can easily change your style and catch everyone's eye.


4 Those looking for a radical change may have their hearts set on blues and greens, and Topazio from the Solotica Natural Colors range is the answer. While this option is great for light brown eyes, it can still enhance dark brown tones.


don't forget the rest

It's one thing to enjoy the best colored contact lenses for brown eyes, but when it comes to the overall look, don't forget about the rest of your face. Take a moment to think about how much transformation you want to achieve. Are you also dyeing your hair and trying to change things up for spring? Will she start wearing different makeup looks to compliment her new eye color? Those who are really into fashion will no doubt be happy to consider all these variations, as colored contact lenses are a great way to express a personal style and feel completely different. Browse gellense


option on, take advantage of fast shipping, and wear your new eye color with excitement and joy.