Gellense Best Prescription Color Contact Lenses for Dark and Brown Eyes Guide


Do you often wear contact lenses? Have you ever wanted to try more colored contact lenses? In the online store, you can find many types of prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes; they are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can find that clarity and brightness are both since clarity is not compromised, also give a crowd a glimpse of what you look like, even if you have the most bottomless black eyes and need a prescription, we'll let you find the perfect lens. Now let's see what brands of prescription colored contact lenses are available.


prescription colored contacts for dark eyes

Anesthesia Colored Contact Lenses

There are four Solotica colored contact lens collections: Solotica Hidrocor, Solotica Hidrocor Rio, Solotica Natural Colors, and Solotica Aquarella. Solotica colored contact lenses are the most natural-looking lenses on the market.

 best colored contacts for dark eyes

Our recommended lenses for covering dark circles are Gellense Lavender Contact Lenses and Gellense Natural Colors Contact Lenses.

The Gellense Stunning Galaxy lenses are inspired by the Milky Way when looking up at the stars at night. The star color covers great for dark circles, matching your eyes The makeup effect is better, if you often stay up late, you can try it.


I have astigmatism. Can I still wear colored contact lenses?

Of course, you can, but I'm sorry, there are currently no colored contact lenses for people with astigmatism on the website. If you need colored contact lenses for astigmatism, you can go to other websites to buy them, such as Hidrocor and Natural Colors from Solotica. These two series are good s Choices. These lenses are custom-made to fit your eyes.

Gellense Enlarge Contact Lenses

This series has always been a very popular series for girls. Due to the perfect eye expansion effect, it can effectively cover the eyeball part. Whether you have black eyes or brown eyes, you can cover them while retaining some of the original colors. These lenses are available with a prescription. For dark circles, we recommend Galaxy Color Contact Lenses. Prescriptions range from -0.00 to -8.00.In addition, Gellense daily disposable lenses are also a good choice. Using the moisture and brightness of the daily disposable lenses, if the lighting is very bright, then relying on the reflection, you can even see the other person's figure in your eyes. A way to effectively cover your eyeballs and turn your attention to your eyes.

if you have brown eyes? You Need To Check These Out

  • The elements that can be changed when you want to express yourself are almost limitless, and so are the elements of fashion decoration that can be at your disposal. with your hair and makeup, clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, eyes, tattoos, and a whole host of other aspects, people can usually create any look they want, and one that is often mentioned is the use of colored contact lenses, which are a big part of what makes up your look. so People take colored contact lenses seriously because you need to always communicate with others, whether it's your boss, your friends, your partner, it's through your eyes that you release your intentions, Trying different looks for your eyes will be fun for you, so try experimenting a little more!
  •  best colored contacts for dark eyes
  • Color lenses don't necessarily need major renovation. Choosing simple, comfortable, and bright is a strategy to make your original eye background brighter, and it is also another way to interpret your personality. You can try the gellense constellation series, which can make your eyes look brighter. With brighter eyes, this lens imparts a more transparent feel for a bright and youthful feel.
  • best colored contacts for dark eyes
  • If you have brown eyes, you can also make changes, choose some cool-toned colored contact lenses, you can try the now popular gray lenses, gray lenses have always been popular with a group of people, they are usually very cold, makeup and The style of dressing are also cool, if you want a dramatic and bold look, you can try this Gellense grey contact lens, and these styles are light grey, dark grey, smoke grey, amber grey if you are not satisfied style, you can go to Bella Collections to find some lenses.
  • This lens is warmer and brighter than you can imagine; it can definitely add depth and shine to brown eyes, so you can easily change your style and wear it no matter how light or dark your undertones are, It's perfect for fairy makeup, and honestly one of our colleagues absolutely loves it, she's just that look!
  • People who want to change their appearance boldly may focus on the color tones of blue or green. And are your best choices? Although this option is very suitable for light brown eyes, it is not only Suitable for light browns and will also enhance dark brown tones.


Don't forget the rest of the options.

Right now, we're talking about the best colored contacts for dark eyes brown eyes, but when we're discussing going out this summer, don't forget your overall look, too, don't dress up as a fairy makeup with dark gray colored contact lenses, if it's colored Contact lenses give people a visual impact at close range. The long distance must be your overall style. The dressing is for strangers to see, and colored contact lenses are for your friends or lovers around you to appreciate. Take a moment to think about it. Find out how many changes you want to achieve, such as whether you are considering dyeing your hair; before dyeing your hair, think about how many colors your contact lenses have. If you can't make a decision, you can try our blind box series. Which hair color to dye?

A tinted contact lens is one of the best ways to enhance your personal style and feel completely different for those who are fashion-conscious! Browse the selection on, enjoy the benefits of fast shipping, and now buy 3 get 3 free, and wear your new eye color with excitement and joy.


Best Color Contact Lenses for Dark Circles

The Best Color Contact Lens Picks For Brown Eyes Continue Browsing

This is a wearing guide that can help us to find the best colored contact lenses for dark brown eyes; many brands can provide such an experience, perfect integration of dark brown eyes, such as Gellense and Solotica brands, to excel in production, design, A world leader in natural colored contact lenses for dark brown eyes, this article can effectively help you make decisions, show the difference between before and after transformation, help you make the right decision, you can always have a style, yes Be your own style.


prescription colored contacts for dark eyes


When you use ultra-light colored contact lenses for the first time, you will definitely get used to it at first because it always makes people feel very light, or look like zombies. This information is collected from our customer service department in the mail. We can understand, but please allow us to explain slowly.

When we go from very dark eyes to very dark eyes, you need time to get used to the transition. Like you have black hair to silver gray hair, or light blond hair, it takes time to adapt. Once you adapt You will be addicted to it. If you are not sure if you have enough patience to adapt to it, we suggest that you can try wearing colored contact lenses from slightly darker blue, gray, or green, and then move to light blue, light grey.

 colored contact lenses for dark eyes

This is Solotica Hidrocor Crystal

It is one of the most popular colors and the lightest gray in the entire political range.

The Hidrocor range is opaque and has no dark limbal rings or borders around the lens.

The only one that is comparable is probably our light grey contacts lenses collection. This is our lightest grey with starry accents, hope you will like it.

When you combine pixels with dark brown eyes, you get the perfect light gray effect.

This is Solotica Hidrocor Quartz

This is one of our second best selling and one of the lightest blue contact lenses for Solotica's dark brown eyes. It gives bluer results compared to Hidrocor Crystal. It also has no edge ring or bezel as it is from the Hidrocor range. See conversion below. Don't you think it's amazing?prescription colored contacts for dark eyes

 This is Gellense Solotica Hidrocor Ocre

If you love those subtle changes and want to turn your dark brown eyes into honey hazel brown, then hazel brown contact lenses is perfect for you, you'll get everything you want, you'll be blown away, most people don't even know you've changed your eye color, and even worse, don't even know you're wearing them Colored contact lenses, just think you are naturally beautiful, they have never noticed you have such beautiful light brown eyes at such a close distance before!

colored contact lenses for dark eyes

Solotica Hidrocor Mel

Mel is a beautiful light green, so it's lighter and more eye-catching than Ocre because you're going from brown to green. Solotica Hidrocor Mel is our best selling dark skinned beauty because it gives you a very exotic look. Suppose a fan of our Solotica Hidrocor Mel and Cloeique Jade contact lenses, Wolfie Cindy or Cindy Kimberly is one of the most popular exotic beauties on Instagram. So if you see her green eyes in any of her pictures, she is definitely wearing our contact lenses! Her transformation can be seen in these before and after pictures. She is wearing Cloeique Jade in the photo below. Notice how natural it looks on her!