A long time ago, people had no way to change the color of their pupils; now you can decide the color of your pupils, through colored contact lenses.


It's important for most of us to look our best. The face is the face of a person, and the face cannot be ignored, it will affect the first impression of others on you, so the decoration of the face is very necessary. Colored contact lenses play a vital role in facial grooming and are often the finishing touch.


Grey contact lenses


When it comes to contact lenses, the most important thing to talk about is its color. Green, blue, and brown are the colors that people think of at the first time, because they are the colors that are preferred by celebrities on TV and the Internet. , will make people feel the charm of color. But other colors are not useless, we should try more colored contact lenses in other colors, such as gray.


Natural and novel color - gray

Grey contact lenses are the perfect choice for a glamorous eye look and style.



Bringing a gorgeous new shade of grey to your eyes, the vibrant tri-tone design offers more coverage for those with darker eyes. Indulge in new eye colors and you can unlock a whole new look and style.


London Sky

The UK's No. 1 coloured contact lens brand collection can be seen at London Fashion Week. Blooming the drama and romance of the British sky in your eyes, the silver-grey tones create an iridescent look. A super-color design that completely changes eye color while looking as natural as possible. Perfect for dark and light eyes for the most stunning results.


Grey contact lenses



Try out the new look of Storm Cloud Grey contact lenses, the light grey shade of the iris is sure to give you a perfectly realistic shade of grey.


Gellense Coral Grey

Made of soft lens material with more moisture for all day comfort. The fit and feel of lenses varies from person to person. The contacts have rounded edges so they will provide a natural, frictionless wearing experience.


Satin Grey

Strong color changes that significantly change the actual eye color for a very natural look. Composed of 3 free shades, it blends seamlessly with natural eyes.
The lenses are light and soft and feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable when worn.


Grey contact lenses


Gecko Eye Grey Colored Contact Lense

Suitable for light and dark eyes. Authentic, natural-looking gray contact lenses are popular with fashionistas


Smokey Grey

Lenses easily change your appearance and strongly change your eye color. A favorite in the cosmetic and fashion industries for effectiveness and renowned quality and comfort, get the look of a fashion star at great value.


Widely applicable to a variety of occasions

Whether it is cosplay, mix and match effects, you can also wear gray contact lenses in daily life, with appropriate makeup and clothing, to show elegance and gentleness.


Contact lenses can change you, and it's a joy

Wearing the best colored contact lenses is always in vogue, life is too short to constantly worry about every little thing that can go wrong and think things are too serious to let go and enjoy. Life isn't always fun and games. Sometimes there are serious issues to fix, but there's always time to calm down and have some really harmless fun to change your appearance. Wearing colorful movie star glasses means more than just what you see, these little wonders will make you feel special!


Torn contact lenses can be frustrating

It's even more frustrating if this happens often. I'll list a few reasons why this might happen and what you need to do to avoid tearing your contact lenses.


Why is it torn

Contact lenses are 40 times softer than eyes and can be easily damaged with a little force. The heat and air conditioning in the room can cause contact lenses to break and also increase the risk of dry eye.


Excessive use may also lead to breakage. Contact lenses should be replaced at the recommended wearing time, and the same pair of lenses should not be worn after the recommended wearing time.


Another way contact lenses can be damaged is wearing them while swimming in the sea or swimming pool. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause contact lenses to dry out and damage the contact lens coating over time, making them more prone to chipping or cracking when removed from a chapped eye.


How to prevent contact lenses from breaking

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling contact lenses.


Do not touch the lenses with your fingers or any other surface, including your eyes.


Do not wear the same pair of contact lenses for longer than the recommended wearing time.


When not wearing contact lenses, store them in a lens case filled with fresh solution and clean the lens case regularly.


Who has tons of quality colored contacts that they can always rely on?

Have fun, but one thing to keep in mind when wearing quality tinted contact lenses is that wearing tinted contact lenses still requires some maintenance.


Always take care of your colored contact lenses and always get quality lenses. If you don't, the fun is over, and mischief may be all you need. These days, not all tinted lenses are created equal. Some are made directly from poor quality craftsmanship and are dangerous to use.


You can choose from the highest quality contact lenses from gellense including natural, halloween, costume, cosplay and more. When shopping for colored contact lenses, you don't have to hunt a lot. All you have to do is tint your glasses.